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Sleep and the Spine
Adverse Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Lack of sleep can cause a variety of negative consequences including memory disturbances, altered moods and difficulty making quick and rationale decisions. Sleep deprivation contributes to countless traffic accidents each year. It compromises work performance and increases the risk for injury on the job. This certainly includes injury to the back. Chronic sleep deprivation has been associated with increased risk for obesity, Type II diabetes and other serious health conditions.


If you chronically deprive yourself of sleep even as little as one to two hours per night within a few weeks you may function similar to someone who has been up for more than 40 hours. This can be as debilitating as being legally intoxicated. It is very important for your health to obtain enough hours of quality restorative sleep. It is time to take your sleep habits seriously, Support the back, and get enough uninterrupted quality sleep to improve your health.

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