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Spinecare Introduction
Checking Out Your Doctor's Records

There are many different organizations that can help you obtain information about a physician's board certification, training or expertise.  It can also determine whether your doctor is board certified.  You can use this information to locate a spine specialist.  If you have not found a physician, you can go to these organizations in order to help you find a board certified physician in your area.


American Board of Medical Specialties
#1007, Church Street, Suite 404
Evanston, IL  60201-5913
Ph#:  708-491-9091/800-776-2378

American Medical Association
#515, Northern State Street
Chicago, IL  60610
Ph#:  124-645-000/800-621-8335


American Academy of Osteopathy
#3500, De Pauw Boulevard, Suite 1080
Indianapolis, IN  46268
Ph#: 317-879-1881

American Osteopathic Association
#142, East Ontario Street
Chicago, IL  60611
Ph#: 312-280-5800


American Chiropractic Association
#1701, Clarendon Billboard
Arlington, VA  22209


American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP)
1795 Grandstand Place
Elgin, Illinois 60123
Phone:(847) 697-4660

Educational Partners

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