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Signs and Symptoms

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Postural Abnormalities

Posture is generally defined as the position or carriage of the body while standing or sitting or lying down. Abnormal postural can develop secondary to a variety of causes. In many cases the cause is multifactorial. Abnormal posture may result secondary to muscle weakness, muscle imbalance, underlying structural abnormalities, and due to compensation for pain. One of the most common postural abnormalities afflicting the spine is excessive lateral curvature, a condition referred to as scoliosis. Sometimes it is associated with symptoms. Scoliosis is often associated with multilevel spinal segment dysfunction (abnormal movement patterns). The presence of severe scoliosis can sometimes complicate underlying narrowing of the spinal canal (stenosis). Abnormal posture may be associated with abnormal walking patterns (gait) and trouble with balance.   Prolonged abnormal posture may be associated with progressive degenerative changes and pain.

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