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August 2016


The International Spine Association (ISA) announces the availability of information prescription forms/pads, which can be used by healthcare professionals to direct their patient to need-to-know information about the spine, spine disorders, available spinecare, and spinecare products.  There are currently four "information prescription" forms available.  Each of the "information prescription" forms were designed to direct patients to specific categories of information relevant to their current condition and care.  Each of the script forms is available in a printed or a digital format.  The forms are available to healthcare providers to use in the clinical setting. The "information prescription" forms can also be accessed by patients and the public off the ISA website to present to their attending healthcare provider for direction.  Each script form invites the patient to become a FREE members of the ISA and provides a website address, which brings the patient to a graphical version of the form on the ISA website. The patient is instructed to click on the corresponding heading marked by their provider to access the information they need-to-know.

This type of information prescription process is unprecedented in the spinecare field.  The ISA is recognized for its significant contribution to the educational process in spinecare.  The information prescription forms are accessible on the website of the International Spine Association and on the website of the American Academy of Spine Physicians.  All spinecare professionals, as well as other healthcare providers, are encouraged to use this unique resource.  Healthcare providers have an obligation to expand the informed consent process and to direct their patients to information which they can use to make good decisions and to access appropriate care. The use of the information prescription forms enhances access to care. The resource supports the patients right to be adequately informed in a personalized manner. This educational process will help shape the future of spinecare and will facilitate the knowledge of innovations.

Educational Partners

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