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August 2016


Research has demonstrated that the majority of patients go to publications and the internet to learn more about their health and their diagnoses.  This is a growing trend and one that will continue to influence the practice of spinecare. Many healthcare professionals use topic-specific brochures. In the future they will direct their patients to reliable information online or have a link to an online multimedia database in their facility.

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) has worked with the International Spine Association (ISA) to develop an online Public Information Center (PIC) as well as publications which cover "need-to-know" topics for use with patients. Published formats include brochures, e-books, fact sheets, spine "information prescription" forms, and web documents. Many publications can be downloaded directly from the AASP website to a printer or to other media such as a CD or jump drive.

The AASP offers a series of brochures which address a broad spectrum of spine disorders and related topics.  Brochures are also available to help members promote their role in spinecare and to help develop referral relationships with other healthcare professionals. Some publications are available FREE to healthcare professionals, whereas others are limited to use by active members.

All healthcare professionals have access to online spine information prescription forms which can be downloaded and used to direct patients to the online Public Information Center (PIC), managed by the International Spine Association. The "information prescription" forms are available through the AASP or the ISA websites. There are currently four topic specific script forms. One of the forms includes a list of common spine disorders and some related topics, each with a check box next to it. The attending healthcare professional marks the boxes of relevant topics and provides the "information prescription" form to their patient. Instructions are provided at the bottom of the script to direct patients to the recommend information located in the ISA website database. A brochure, titled the Online Public Information Center (PIC), was developed to help patients' access the multimedia database. Healthcare professional are encouraged to give their patients the "information Prescription" form and the brochure. 

Educational Partners

To learn more about your spine. spinehealth, and available spinecare go to the International Spine Assocition (ISA) at The primary mission of the ISA is to improve spinehealth and spinecare through education. The ISA is committed to disseminating need-to-know information throught the World Wide Web in numerous languages covering many topics related to the spine, including information about spine disorders, spine heath, advances in technology and available spinecare

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