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Spine Organizations

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The term spinecare organization refers to any organized group which offers support and/or educational opportunities to for individuals with a spine disorder or with the desire to care for their spine. It includes support organizations developed to serve individuals with a defined spinal disease or disorder.  There are many spine organizations which offer a variety of different benefits to spinecare specialists, their patients, and the public.  The spine is very complex and intricate and the decision to affiliate with or join a particular organization can be overwhelming.

The International Spinecare Directory offers a Subdirectory of Spinecare Organizations which provides the user with an effective platform for locating and learning more about available entities and their resources. Select Spinecare Organizations are invited to become members of the International Spine Association (ISA). Participating Spinecare Organizations are invited to complete and update a detailed online profile. The subdirectory provides tools to help the user locate relevant Spinecare Organizations.

The ISA provides spinecare specialists with access to Information Prescription Forms which can be used to direct their patients and/or family members to relevant spinecare information and information on the International Spinecare Directory.  The general public and patients can access the forms directly on the ISA website to be taken to their spinecare provider to be completed.

The International Spinecare Directory and all of its subdirectories are managed by the International Spine Association (ISA). The primary mission of the ISA is to improve spine health and spinecare through education. To learn more about your spine, spine health, and available spinecare go to the International Spine Association (ISA) at

Educational Partners

To learn more about your spine. spinehealth, and available spinecare go to the International Spine Assocition (ISA) at The primary mission of the ISA is to improve spinehealth and spinecare through education. The ISA is committed to disseminating need-to-know information throught the World Wide Web in numerous languages covering many topics related to the spine, including information about spine disorders, spine heath, advances in technology and available spinecare

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