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Welcome to the sign up area of the International Directory of Spine Specialists.

Qualified healthcare professionals are invited to post a listing and practice profile on the Directory free of charge. Participating healthcare professionals are encouraged to invite other professionals to place a listing on the directory. This opportunity is provided by the International Spine Association (ISA), as a public service and as a service to spinecare professionals.

  • Directory signup is open to all licensed physicans and healthcare professionals who are trained and experienced in the evaluation and/or care of spine disorders.
  • Each listing offers a full page profile presenting the professional's specialty, background, areas of practice emphasis, professional affiliations and contact information. You may also submit a picture of yourself for the profile page.
  • Your member directory profile will govern the data on the National Directory of Spine Physicians and the International Directory of Spine Physicians. This provides a unique opportunity for you to increase your practice visibility.
  • Upon submission and acceptance of the application you will receive email confirmation along with your unique login information.
  • Both the International Directory of Spine Specialists and the National Directory of Spine Physicans will acknowledge those professionals who are active members of the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP).
  • Your Directory membership will also give you access to the American Academy of Spine Physicians and a unique referral networking tool.
  • One of the requirements of being listed on the directories is your commitment to education. Directory members will receive occasional notices, newsletters and spinecare updates via email, fax or regular mail from the AASP and/or the ISA


    Educational Partners

    To learn more about your spine. spinehealth, and available spinecare go to the International Spine Assocition (ISA) at www.spineinformation.org. The primary mission of the ISA is to improve spinehealth and spinecare through education. The ISA is committed to disseminating need-to-know information throught the World Wide Web in numerous languages covering many topics related to the spine, including information about spine disorders, spine heath, advances in technology and available spinecare

    All health information posted on the site is based on the latest research and national treatment standards, and have been written or reviewed and appoved by the American Acedemy of Spine Physicians and/or International Spine Association physicians or health professionals unless otherwise specified.

    The information provided on this site is designed to support. not replace,
    the relationship that exists between patient/site visitor and his/her physician.